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Hematology Controls

Hematology Controls

DC7VN D-Check 7 Normal Vial

CODE Diagon name Vial / Tube

DC7VL D-Check 7 Low Vial

More details

CODE Diagon name Vial / Tube

DC7VL D-Check 7 Low Vial
DC7VN D-Check 7 Normal Vial
DC7VH D-Check 7 High Vial
DC8VL D-Check 8 Low Vial
DC8VN D-Check 8 Normal Vial
DC8VH D-Check 8 High Vial
DC18VL D-Check 18 Low Vial
DC18VN D-Check 18 Normal Vial
DC18VH D-Check 18 High Vial
DC18T2L D-Check 18 Low Tube
DC18T2N D-Check 18 Normal Tube
DC18T2H D-Check 18 High Tube
DC18T5L D-Check 18 Low Tube
DC18T5N D-Check 18 Normal Tube
DC18T5H D-Check 18 High Tube
DC3TL D-Check 3P Low Tube
DC3TN D-Check 3P Normal Tube
DC3TH D-Check 3P High Tube
DCCD3RT1 D-Check CD3Ret Tube
DCCD3RT2 D-Check CD3Ret Tube
DCCD4KTL D-Check CD4K Low Tube
DCCD4KTN D-Check CD4K Normal Tube
DCCD4KTH D-Check CD4K High Tube
DCCD4RT1 D-Check CD4Ret Tube
DCCD4RT2 D-Check CD4Ret Tube
DCA120T1 D-Check A1 20 Ret Tube
DCA120T2 D-Check A1 20 Ret Tube
DCA120T3 D-Check A1 20 Ret Tube
DC18PVL D-Check 18PlusLow Vial
DC18PVN D-Check 18Plus Normal Vial
DC18PVH D-Check 18Plus High Vial
DC18PTL D-Check 18Płus Low Tube
DC18PTN D-Check 18Plus Normal Tube
DC18PTH D-Check 18Płus High Tube
DCSTL D-Check SYS Low Tube
DCSTN D-Check SYS Normal Tube
DCSTH D-Check SYS High Tube
DCTTL D-Check Tech Low Tube
DCTTN D-Check Tech Normal Tube
DCTTH D-Check Tech High Tube
DCXETL D-Check XE Low Tube
DCXETN D-Check XE Normal Tube
DCXETH D-Check XE High Tube
DC4KRTL D-Check CD4KRet Low Tube
DC4KRTN D-Check CD4KRet Normal Tube
DC4KRTH D-Check CD4KRet High Tube
DC5DTL D-Check C5D Low Tube
DC5DTN D-Check C5D Normal Tube
DC5DTH D-Check C5D High Tube
DCREW1 D-Check Ret 1V Vial
DCREW2 D-Check Ret 2V Vial
DCREW3 D-Check Ret 3V Vial
DCRETT1 D-Check Ret 1T Tube
DCRETT2 D-Check Ret 2T Tube
DCRETT3 D-Check Ret 3T Tube
DCRETP1 D-Check Ret P 1 Tube
DCRETP2 D-Check Ret P 2 Tube
DCRETP3 D-Check Ret P 3 Tube
DST1 D-Sed-Plus level 1 Tube
DST2 D-Sed-Plus level 2 Tube
DSV1 D-Sed-Plus level 1 Vial
DSV2 D-Sed-Płus level 2 Via!
DCALPT D-Cal Plus Tube Tube
DCALPV D-Cal Plus Vial Vial


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