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D-Chem 300

D-Chem 300

DCC020300 ASAT (GPT) (IFCC mod.)

DCC010075 ALAT (GPT) (IFCC mod.)
DCC010300 ALAT (GPT) (IFCC mod.)
DCC020075 ASAT (GPT) (IFCC mod.)

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Cat. no. Description

DCC010075 ALAT (GPT) (IFCC mod.)
DCC010300 ALAT (GPT) (IFCC mod.)
DCC020075 ASAT (GPT) (IFCC mod.)
DCC020300 ASAT (GPT) (IFCC mod.)
DCC030080 Albumin (BCG) + Standard 3 ml
DCC030320 Albumin (BCG)
DCC040075 Alkaline phosphatase (DGKC)
DCC040300 Alkaline phosphatase (DGKC
DCC050075 a-Amylase (EPS-G7)
DCC050300 a-Amylase (EPS-G7)
DCC060075 Panrareatic amylase (EPS-G7)
DC3350125 Bicarbonate + Standard 3 ml
DCC510112 Bile acids + Standard 2 ml
DCC070075 Bilirubin Auto Direct (DCA)
DCC070300 Bilirubin Auto Direct (DCA)
DCC080075 Bilirubin Auto Total (DCA)
DCC080300 Bilirubin Auto Total (DCA)
DCC090080 Calcium (AS) + Standard 3 ml
DCC091075 Calcium (CPC) + Standard 3 ml
DCC091500 Calcium (CPC)
DCC092500 Calcium (P)
DCC100080 Cholesterol + Standard 3 ml
DCC100320 Cholesterol
DCC390125 Cholinesterase
DCC110075 HDL-C (Immuno) direct
DCC110300 HDL-C (Immuno) direct
DCC120075 HDL-C (selective) direct
DCC120300 HDL-C (selective) direct
DCC140075 CK-MB (Immuno)
DCC150075 Creatinine (Jaffe) + Standard 3 ml
DCC150300 Creatinine (Jaffe)
OCC160075 Creatinine (PAP) + Standard 3 ml
DCC160300 Creatinine (PAP)
DCC400100 Ethanol
DCC170075 Gamma GT (Szasz)
DCC170300 Gamma GT (Szasz)
DCC180080 Glucose (GOD) + Standard 3 ml
DCC180320 Glucose (GOD)
DCC360270 Glucose (GlucDH)
DCC190075 Glucose Hexokinase + Standard 3 ml
DCC190300 Glucose Hexokinase
DCC200075 ??HBDH (DGKC)
DCC420064 Homocystein
DCC430100 ?-Hydroxybutyrate
DCC210075 Iron (Ferene) + Standard 3 ml
DCC210300 Iron FS Ferene
DCC440125 Lactate
DCC220075 LDH (DGKC)
DCC220300 LDH (DGKC)
DCC230075 Lipase (color) + Standard 3 ml
DCC240080 Magnesium (XLB) + Standard 3 ml
DCC460050 NEFA
DCC250075 Phosphate (Molybdate UV) + Standard 3 ml
DCC520100 Phospholipids
DCC260075 Total protein (Biuret) + Standard 3 ml
DCC260300 Total protein (Biuret)
DCC270080 Total protein (U/CSF)(Pyrogallol) + Standard 3 ml
DCC280080 Triglyceride (GPO) + Standard 3 ml
DCC280320 Triglyceride (GPO)
DCC290075 UIBC (Ferene) + Standard 3 ml
DCC300075 Urea (Urease-GLDH) + Standard 3 ml
DCC300300 Urea (Urease-GLDH)
DCC310075 Uric acid (Uricase-TBHBA) + Standard 3 ml
DCC310300 Uric acid (Uricase-TBHBA)
DCC530100 Uric acid (Uricase-TOOS) + Standard 3 ml
DCC530500 Uric acid (Uricase-TOOS)
DIC100150 Albumin in Urine/CSF Microalbumin)(Immunturb.)
DIC100048 Albumin in Urine/CSF Microalbumin)(lmmunturb.)
DIC110150 Antistreptolysin O (Immunturb.)
DIC110048 Antistreptolysin O (Immunturb.)
DIC120150 Apolipoprotein A1 (Immunturb.)
DIC120048 Apolipoprotein A1 (Immunturb.)
DIC130150 Apolipoprotein B (Immunturb.)
DIC130048 Apolipoprotein B (Immunturb.)
DIC200150 Complement C3c (Immunoturbidimetric)
DIC200048 Complement C3c (Immunoturbidimetric)
DIC210150 Complement C4 (Immunoturbidimetric)
DIĆ210048 Complement C4 (immunoturbidimetric)
DIC140150 CRP (Immunturb.) Dyn. range 2 – 500 mg/l
DIC140480 CRP (Immunturb.) Dyn. range 2 – 500 mg/l
DIC140048 CRP (Immunturb.) Dyn. range 2- 500 mg/1
DIC220120 CRP U-hs (Immunturb.) Dyn. range 0,3 – 350 mg/l


LX002 Cystetin-C

DIC230032 D-Dimer (Immunturb.)
DIC150090 Ferritin (Immunturb.)
DIC150030 Ferritin (Immunturb.)
DIC240045 HbA1c advanced IFCC/DCCT stand.
DIC290150 Immunoglobulin A (Immunturb.)
DIC290048 Immunoglobulin A (Immunturb.)
DIC250060 Immunglobulin E (Immunturb.)
DIC160150 Immunoglobulin G (Immunturb.)
DIC1 60048 Immunoglobulin G (Immunturb.)
DIC170150 Immunoglobulin M (Immunturb.)
DIC1 70048 Immunoglobulin M (Immunturb.)
DIC260050 Lipoprotein (a) 21 (Immunturb.)
DIC270032 Myoglobin (Immunturb.)
DIC280048 Prealbumin (Immunturb.)
DIC1800150 Rheumatoid faktor (Immunturb.)
DIC1 800048 Rheumatoid faktor (Immunturb.)
DIC1900150 Transferrin (Immunturb.)
DIC1900048 Transferrin (Immunturb.)
DCA010060 MultiCal
DCA010018 MultiCal
DCA030009 HDL/LDL Cal
DCA040005 Protein Cal Five Levels
DCA050005 U/CSF Albumin Cal Five Levels
DCA060005 ASO Cal Five Levels
DCA070010 CRP Cal Five Levels
DCA110005 CRP U Cal Five Levels
DCA1 20005 CRP hs Cal Five Levels
XO97401 Cystatin-C Calibrator
DCA1 30001 D-Dimer Cal
DCA140001 HbA1c Cal liquid Four Levels
DCA150003 Homocysteine Cal Three Levełs
DCA160005 IgE Cal Five Levels
DCA170005 Lp(a) Cal Five Levels
DCA180004 Myoglobin Cal Four Levels
DCA080003 Apo A1/B Cal Three Levels
DCA090004 Ferritin Cal Four Levels
DCA100005 RF Cal Five Levels
DCR011030 MultiContr Normal
DCR011100 MultiContr Normal
DCR012030 MultiContr Pathol
DCR012100 MultiContr Pathol
DCR071003 CRP hs Contr Levet 1
DCR072003 CRP hs Contr Level 2
DCR081001 D-Dimer Contr Level 1
DCR082001 D-Dimer Contr Level 2
XO97330 Cystatin-C Control
DCR090010 Ethanol Contr
DCR101001 HbA1c liquid Contr Level 1
DCR102001 HbA1c liquid Contr Level 2
DCR111003 Homocystein Contr Level 1
DCR112003 Homocystein Contr Level 2
DCR121003 Lp(a) Contr Level 1
DCR122003 Lp(a) Contr Level 2
DCR031003 Protein Contr Level 1
DCR032003 Protein Contr Level 2
DCR040009 Lipid Contr
DCR131030 Urine Contr Level 1
DCR132030 Urine Contr Level 2
DCR051003 U/CSF Albumin Level 1
DCR052003 U/CSF Albumin Level 2
DST020018 Bicarbonate Standard 30 mmol/l
DST031010 Ethanol Standard 0,5 mg/ml
DST032010 Ethanol Standard 1,0 mg/ml
DST033010 Ethanol Standard 2,0 mg/ml
DST034010 Ethanol Standard 3,0 mg/ml
DST040009 p-Hydroxybutyrate Standard 1 mmol/l
DST050009 NEFA Standard 1 mmol/I
DCC600250 HDL Precipitant
DCC610250 LDL Precipitant
DCC590500 HbA1c Hemolyzing Solution
S236130 Cystatin-C Buffer
DCC5405155 Bilirubin (Jendrassik Gróf)
DCC370125 Chloride (Thiocyanate) + Standard 3 ml
DCC380120 Free Cholesterol (CHOD-PAP trinder)
DCC550120 Free Glycerol (GPO trinder)
DCC490080 Hemoglobin (conc.reag)
DCC560040 Mononucleosis
DCC570100 Urinary calculi
DCC320018 Pyridoxai-5-phosphate
DCC580500 Glucose hemolyzing Solution
DCC500009 CK-MB Supplementary reagent

DCC480500 Creatinin Urine Diluent

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